Shared bikes availability in your city

List of stations

Display a list of all stations with the number of bikes available and the number of empty slots.

Swipe left and you will get a list of every station that you added in your favorites.

Tap the Search option to search a station by name.

Tap on the little map to go to the Map screen.

Find the nearest stations on the map

The Map screen will show you all the stations near you (do not forget to turn on the Geolocation option in your device's settings).

Each station is represented by a red circle. The level shows the number of available bikes.

The map is provided by OpenStreetMap: you can even change the rendering style in the Settings menu

Get more info

Tapping a station in the list or on the map will take you on a dedicated screen where you will get more info, like if you can pay by card or if it is a bonus station (depends if your bike system supports it).

Tap on the star to add this station to your favorites, or on the arrow to launch your navigation application with the station as destination.